The Stats I Use

As a reader of The Lansdowne Ledger, you’ll notice a consistent use of certain statistics here, and consequentially the absence of other statistics. The reason for this is pretty simple. I’m a lone ranger in this world of sports “journalism” (quotation marks used very purposely). I do everything you’ll see here by myself, from the research to the writing to the marketing and brand exposure, and to be frank I’m going to do whatever I feel like.

There’s certain stats that I find more effective than others in gauging a given player’s talent, productivity, and value, and I’ll lean heavily on them going forward. You’ll see a ton of the following acronyms as you scour this site:

FIP, ERA-, WHIP, BABIP against, WAR (FanGraphs formula) and to a lesser extent BAA, ERA, GB%, K/9, BB/9, HR/9, IP, and pitch choice % for pitchers.

Slash lines (I still value batting average; fight me), wRC+, hard hit %, wRAA, BABIP, WAR (again, FanGraphs formula) and to a lesser extent spray chart, ISO, and K% for hitters.

Now, I could spend an hour and 1,000+ words explaining what each stat above means and its significance, but I’m a lazy man at heart, so I’m just going to include a link to FanGraphs below. You can check out their glossary to answer any of your questions. Enjoy!


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